Saturday, February 14, 2009


The female child called yesterday and asked ...."can you paper piece?"

Yes....i've done some paper piecing in my past life and it's not my method of choice.......all those little scraps of fabric.......ugh!.......i'm a get in there and get'er done kind of person........

However, this little table runner above was my last piecing project......i think i made 2 or 3 as gifts and kept this one......................i drag it out when i need a "Florida Fix"....which is not very often!!

Anywaaayyyy.......Mom and i are going to Atlanta the end of March for a shop hop.....guess i'll check -out the new project the female child says....."i need to do!!"


  1. it was just an idea, don't let me talk you into it or anything. I just know that he would love it.

  2. I've never tried paper piecing only because I'm like you, get in there and get it done (at least the tops). I can't imagine having to take the paper off after you've done it. I've seen beautiful paper piecing work, yours included. It just isn't something I think I'll even try at a later time.

  3. I have never done paper piecing ~ I think your little table runner is lovely ~ Ally x

  4. I have never done any paper piecing too and I think I do not want to try it. Lovely house quilt!

  5. That is very pretty. Don't think I would have the patience.

  6. I've done paper piecing - and it's a take it or leave it type of thing with me. Too many small pieces...