Friday, February 20, 2009

Something Lost....something found!

Lost!!........the remaining pictures of my "quilt as you go "project.....UGH!!

They must have been erased from the camera before i could upload them to the computer.......Double ugh!!!!

Anyway is the finished quilt.........if you have your panels finish the quilt, cut connecting strips to same length as you panel ...? x 1.25 inches....then you zig-zag your panels together using the same method as you used to put the blocks together and finish the longer connecting strips in the same way........simple....huh!??

If you are using ...LARGE blocks ...... i have found that it is easier to start your zig-zag stitches in the middle of the two panels you are connecting ....then flip it around and zig-zag the other half......for some reason it's easier to line-up the smaller connecting strips and the fabric doesn't "slip" as much..........

Then you can add borders or just add the binding and finish as usual.......i just put binding on this one ...cause i wanted to keep it small

I'll post some pictures of the next project ....if someone (city boy) doesn't mess with my camera!

Found........yesterday City Boy and i drove thru a snow storm over the mountains to the VA Hospital in Johnson City, TN.....that was fun!!!

He had several lumps on his shoulder, one on his back and one on his cheek/jawline....under his ear.......Well...the shoulder and back turned out to be cyst and can easily be removed....

But.....found the other is a lypomia (sp) laying on the facial nerve for the left side of his we are off to make appointments with an ENT surgeon....seems that if the tumor is "involved" with the nerve.... removing it could cause the left side of City Boys face to "droop" mind is picturing.....jowls like a bloodhound or basset...with a gray beard.....

Good news's not doesn't's not getting bigger and doesn't bother him in we've got some time to decide on a course of action.................

Can't shake that droopy jowl image from my mind.......... :>/


  1. It would be the drooling I couldn't stand. Maybe we can quilt him some cute bibs with tractors on them? :)

  2. Love the finished product! I'm so glad that it isn't cancer. Keep us posted.

  3. glad to hear good news for Christy's comment...too funny

  4. I love the quilt and am still amazed at how fast you finish up a project. I'm glad the news about the lumps was all good. If it's not bothering him maybe it can just be left alone. That would be great. Hope your Friday is a great one. 'On Ya'-ma

  5. Your quilt is just beautiful. I admire your work so much. :) Glad it isnt cancer, and I say if it aint broke dont fix it. As long as it isnt bothering him, I would just let it be. I had an episode of droopy face on one side for awhile. They call it Bells Palsy. Scared me at first, thought I had had a stroke or something. Its not permanent they say, but to this day, when I smile I can just see the difference in one side from the other. No one else sees it, but I do. Hugs, Kelly

  6. Love the quilt. Love Christy's comment too...too funny. Good news that it's not cancer.

  7. For all those reading these comments.....Christy is my nut-so female child.....!!!!!

    Gott'a love her!!

  8. Am having a time trying to type my comment. Hopefully this one works.

    Glad that it's not cancer. Your daughter's comment is funny. With love and humor.
    The quilt is beautiful.

    You won the giveaway on my blog. My email address is on my website. Just send me your address and I will mail it out.

  9. One of these days "City Boy" is going to pay you back for all the comments you make about him.
    Love the new quilt,,,still think you need to check with the local college and give some classes. Lots of us would sign up.

  10. The quilts are so pretty. Glad City Boy doesn't have cancer. John still droops a little from Bell's Palsy especially when he gets really tired.

  11. Glad you got news on City boy!
    Quilt is beautiful!

  12. The quilt is beautiful! And I am so glad "city boy" does not have cancer! Keep us posted!