Tuesday, September 6, 2011


....100% chance of rain today....
2.3 inches in the last 24 hours .... flash flood warnings and tornado watches....

Never a dull moment in the high country...

Stay dry.....be safe.....watch out for those low bridges...

Life is Good


  1. Rain for the Piedmont, please!!! It has been really dry here most of the summer....It rained for a time last evening...Thanks for he weather report so I know what to expect down here....

  2. We were blessed to see cooler weather this weekend. Hopefully we'll get some rain soon. We really, really need some.

  3. That wish goes for you, too. I hope that the water doesn't cause you any problems.

  4. It is very cloudy here this morning but I'm hoping for a mostly dry day. We get rain that often covers the roads when it downpours here too and I have to drive home today. Stay safe ! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  5. Excitement in the Blue Ridge. Yeah, you sent a couple of those storms our way, but we needed the rain.
    Thanks, great picture.
    Love sent from down here.

  6. Goodness, you do have your animals paired up don't you?
    Seriously,hope you don't get too drenched.

  7. I saw where some of the NC mountains towns were flooded. I hope you and your family were able to safely weather all the rain.