Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday......

Today i'm thankful for ever faithful watch dogs....


Don't let Misskitty know i wrote that.....!!....

Today they told me ...... they are watching for this weekend to turn the corner and head our way.....
They know i'm excited about the Jefferson Quilt Show this Friday and Saturday...!!

You'll came on by and buy.....
Gonna be alot of fun....!!

Life is Good


  1. Those watch dogs know a good thing when they see it! Sounds like the weekend will be loads of fun for you!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. I'm leaving in a little while to head up your way! Hope we get to meet......... I'll be the one with all the wool!

  3. I love the entry with the watch dogs. Amazing you know exactly what they think and say. I love it.

    Hope all goes great at the Quilt show. I know you will have a great time.
    We are set up and enjoying a nearly deserted park. 495 sites and 24 of us here. Peaceful for walks and just reading.

    Love from the Wildwood area.
    Sherry & Jack

  4. I won't breathe a word to Miss Kitty.

  5. No slackers there. My, such attention.
    Enjoy the show.

  6. Aren't those little guys HUGE in spirit?
    Mr. Biggs (the Jack Russell) sends best wishes to his small in stature cousins!

  7. Your secret is safe with me... mums the word to Miss Kitty.

    We have an auction and craft show planned for this weekend, but it looks like we will be doing both in the rain. I don't melt.

    Life is good!~ Have a wonderful weekend.