Friday, September 16, 2011

I Think It's Here......

...some of the trees are losing leaves....
...some of the leaves are changing colors...
...jackets and long sleeves are on the shelves in the stores...
...people are storing things away like chipmunks...
...the gardens are on their last harvest...
...the tent campgrounds are empty...
...i made chili last night for dinner...
And was 48.5 on the front porch this morning...


Fall is here.......yeah...!!!!

Life is Good


  1. We have a very chilly morning here too. And I did make chili this week. I hadn't had it in so long that with the fall weather moving in it sounded good to me too.
    Hope your Friday is a great one!

  2. We had you beat by one degree. You can add that Patti just ordered her new down jacket from the net. I love it.

  3. 48.5 Wow! Not quite that cool here. lol

  4. We are looking for a little cooler down here, But Florida is HOT as we await our cruise this weekend. Yep Life is good as you are known to say!
    Sherry & Jack

  5. Happy Fall to you; we are experiencing cooler temps here and its wonderful. I am not looking forward to winter though unless it is dry and mild. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. We can always send you a few degrees if you need some! :)

  7. I'm lovin' it!!! We had our first outside fire last night! It was so nice!!!!