Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well ....we are off to see the shadow specialist in Hickory today....

What's a shadow ask ....?

Here's what's been going on...

I see shadows in my right eye..

...they've been there since last Friday....
it looks like a shadowy......grayish......spider webby.....mass that moves across my line of vision...

Not much fun...!!

Sometimes when it comes from the right side.....i think someone is standing behind me or walking up to me on that side.....sometimes it blurs my vision.....not fun for driving ....sometimes it's just there off to the side laughing at me....

My local eye doctor could not find anything ....but...was concerned enough to insist that i see a retina specialist ...

As he said...."You don't fool around with retina tears and i think that's what you've got..."


Seems that as we age...some of us, will get small black spots or floaters in our eyes....
These are small pieces of the retina that sluff off and "usually" go away within 24-48 hours and are "usually" nothing to worry about..
I've had this since Friday...
(Happy Birthday from Mother Nature!!)

I've always said ....."Age is an attitude"......but....
It's Hell to get old...!!

Life is Good..

ps.....can you see my shadow on the front porch...??


  1. YUP!!! Sucks to get old..But everyone does at one point or another....I always thought my Mom was crazy for saying she hurt all the time...WELL!!!!
    Praying for you and your eye appt.

  2. I hopeyour eye appointment went well and whatever the problem is, they are able to "fix it". When we were younger we had one set of challenges - kids, jobs, money. When we get old our challenges just get more focused.... health and money.

    Life is definitely good, but will get better when you don't have those shadows bugging you any longer!

  3. Age is a funny thing...glad you are getting checked out and pray that all will be well. That's why I'm always thankful for each day. You never know what new surprises will greet you the next. Take good care!

  4. I sure hope that your appointment has gone well, and that it is nothing serious. Getting old stinks, but the other choice is far worse.

  5. Hope it is nothing, I was just sitting here complaining to Sherry I am seeing a wavy area on my right.

    Very good idea to get it checked out. hang in there.

    Love from the North end of the Turnpike.