Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day.....

My world looks like this.....this Labor Day...
with a 100% chance of rain....!!

Hope your world is bright...sunny...and your enjoying it with family and friends....

I'll be laboring away at work ..... watching the campers pack-up in the rain....

Life is Good

for those who asked.....i'm
working on the "jeep" seeds......


  1. I've packed up in the rain before. Not fun during or the days after trying to dry it all out at home! Try to have fun laboring! When are you finished for the season?

  2. It looks much like that here, minus some of the fog. Hope your campers get all packed up safely.

  3. We had loads of rain yesterday but today even though it is cloudy, looks to be a lot dryer. Our temps have really dropped and we'll be lucky if we see 70 degrees. I'm waiting til tomorrow to pack up and leave. Hope you stay dry! Happy Labor Day!

  4. Maybe Lee's calling card? Too bad Texas couldn't have gotten a dose of that.
    Keep me in mind for the seeds.

  5. It's very cloudy here in SoCal which is very strange for us this time of year. We are usually very HOT on this day.


  6. Yeah I want a couple fo the jeep seeds (year doesn't matter) LOL

    We have a little overcast here in the flat lands, even got a much needed rain. All this means it is about time to head for Florida.

    Love from down here.

  7. Looks like you are going to "make a go" of selling jeep seeds. lol