Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Dogwoods......

...are starting to bloom...

Hope the freezing temps and the snow flurries of the last night and tonight don't ruin their pretty little pink tips...

Had to drag out the jackets..."again"...
'cause my little tips were turning blue....!

Live in the Moment


  1. They are such pretty flowers. We can't grow them up here. Stay warm my friend.

  2. The dogwoods are blooming here too. Many of our buds have been nipped this year. Very cold but no snow our way. It seems to be staying east of us, but the winds sure were strong. I dug my winter coat out again this past weekend. Hope your Tuesday is terrific!

  3. All the blooming trees have already done their thing here. No flowers on any of them except the unwanted privet hedges and the wild honeysuckle growing around here. I am keeping myself inside. I had a bad case of allergies a couple of weeks ago that lasted about 3 weeks. Hubby did also. Had to go to the doc to see if I had flu or pneumonia. Never coughed so much.

  4. Cute girl, your tips are turning blue!!!!
    Hope the Dogwoods stay well, I love the dogwood season, it is a cheerful tree.