Friday, April 6, 2012

The Picture....

...has nothing to do with anything...
Just thought it looked kind'a "Eastery"

And it was better than another (ugh) weather post
By the way...
We're under a freeze warning...!!

Live in the Moment


  1. It was 35 here this morning. We've had a few freeze warnings to the past 3 days. We've also got those same kind of flowers blooming here in our yard. I'll have to remember to think of them as Eastery and not as a weed. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

  2. A freeze warning? It is supposed to be 80 degrees here today and I think it was warmer then that yesterday. Have a good Friday!

  3. Yeah, we left your home state and headed to SC, and it is COLD here! Wha hoppen?

    Happy Easter to you dear mountain mama!!

  4. Enjoyed your picture

    Happy Easter!!!