Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunrise Service.....

CityBoy and i attended a very unusual sunrise service this year...

On our way home from the emergency vet clinic in Boone this AM we watched the beginnings of a beautiful sunrise and said a little prayer that our Mia was OK...

About 4:30 this morning she woke us with vomiting...wheezing...moaning and gurgling sounds comeing from her lungs....
And since she has Congestive Heart Failure..we were on the road within minutes...
By the time we drove to Boone and found the Clinic...
(they've the way)
All her symptoms had disappeared and she was her feisty ole self..
We had her checked anyway just to be on the save side...
Thanked the Doc.....paid the bill...
And counted our blessing on the way home...

Live in the Moment


  1. What started out as a tale of woe mercifully had a happy ending - and you got to see a lovely sunrise! Have a happy Easter!

  2. So glad little Mia is ok. Now you can have a happy Easter for sure!

  3. Glad to hear she's OK. What a scare!

  4. Very happy that she's ok. These things always seem to happen on the weekend!!

  5. Wishes for a bright and happy Easter!

  6. Glad Mia is doing better. What a nice sun rise service!!!

    The best to you all today!!!!

  7. Hi, So very glad you got her in and she was o.k. That is what our Reggie had; I guess there is meds to help it but his kidneys were failing.
    Thankful you got to see the beautiful sunrise. Hope you week is good.
    Happy Easter.

  8. Glad Mia is ok. My late cat was begging for an oyster one minute then having a seizure like episode the next minute. We rushed to vet. When we got there she also was back to being normal but we had her checked out. She was at the beginning of kidney failure. She held on for about 5 more months. I still miss her and it has been 8 years.
    Glad you still have more time with Mia. Cherish it.