Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's's's gone....

Sorry's gone..!!

The blinking sign was there Friday night and was gone Saturday morning...


Sometime during the night the DOT trolls creeped in and towed it away...

I know there are things that are more annoying than a blinking sign...


On foggy mornings and evenings the blinking made the trees surrounding it look like they were on fire....
Not a good thing when your under dry windy conditions....
and live in the middle of a Christmas tree field...


Live in the Moment


  1. It was nice that they took that annoying sign away so you could get some great R and R time in this weekend. It's not dry at all here. We've had plenty of rain and it's cold too. I sure miss the pretty days we had last week. The forecast isn't looking good for any more of them anytime soon either. We just have to count our blessings when we get them. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one!

  2. I think the sign being gone is kind of like company--They can bother you when they're here, but you miss them when they're gone... :-)!!

    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  3. Hey, we are also glad it it gone, but Max will miss it. ha!

    Yep, to me also lights can place the wrong impression when you add the fog or drizzle.

    Leaving Florida in a few days, we will miss this place for a few months.

  4. Yay, peace and tranquility is restored in the 'kingdom'