Saturday, April 14, 2012

We Have......


Put the feeder out last weekend in the hopes that the early spring would bring in the hummers ..

Last year they made an appearance on 4/19..
Here they are...five days ahead of schedule..!!

Live in the Moment


  1. I always watch for your hummer post. About a week later they do usually wind up here. Still it's pretty chilly out so I'm hoping it warms up for them...It may just be that April 19th will be the day they return to our part of Ohio.

  2. They always arrive here on March 15th and I could amost set my calendar by them. This year and last they came a little early. They can really cut some die-does. Bet that is a south Texas saying. lol

  3. I need to get mine out next week. They should be back here soon.

  4. THANKS for the reminder!! I need to get my feeders up too...Just in case they show up early here too, and are hungry after their long trip! :-)