Friday, May 18, 2012


Miss Kitty is keeping an eye out for the weekend that's just around the corner...

We've been doing a lot of cleaning...purging...and rearranging at the park
and i'm tired...!!

Thank Goodness we're on the downhill slide and the rangers are cooking breakfast this AM..
Those boys and girls make a "mean" apple fritter pancake..!!

Think i'll go to work early...

Live in the Moment


  1. An apple fritter pancake sounds wonderful! Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

  2. Yes go to work early and stay late to eat all you can of those good apple fritters.

  3. YUMMY!!! Send the recipe!!!
    Love from NC

  4. Sounds like a REAL plan! Hope you have a wonderful day and you can probably trust Miss Kitty to keep an eye out!!!
    Love from over here

  5. I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend!!

  6. I just love visiting your blog and seeing the photos of the cabins. I love visiting Skyline drive, too. I have not been up that way for a couple years due to life busy stuff (i.e., work and school). Once I finish up with schooling, however, I intend to start travelling a bit more and would like to take in the Fall by taking a jaunt up your way. Have a wonderful Sunday!