Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Which End...

...this full rainbow appeared in the valley late yesterday afternoon....!

Woo ship has come in.....there's a pot of gold at one end...!!
Which end...?
Do i grab a shovel and head for the north end....or the south end..?
Do i interrupt the MaleChild's studying for finals and send him to one end and then run for the other end myself...


Then the brain said...."with your luck lately...the pot would be full of a Christmas stocking for a bad child..."
I left the shovel in the garage.....didn't bother the MaleChild....
sat on the front porch and watched the rainbow slowly fade away...

Live for the Moment


  1. That is exactly what I would have done too. Don't we all wish for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow only to never even search for it. Sorta like wishing to win the lottery and not buying a ticket... Still I think you were the winner because you got to enjoy that beautiful rainbow and share it all with us too. Some riches in life just cannot be bought. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

  2. Such a nice thoughtful entry and a beautiful rainbow to gaze at until it faded.

  3. I would have sat on the porch and just put my wishes in that pot, and perhaps they will be fulfilled!!

  4. WATCHING the rainbow was your pot of loverly!

  5. I think the view is worth more than the pot of gold!

  6. One of the most beautiful scenes in the world is the Rainbow.

    I am glad you settled to just watch it fade away!!!

    Love from the rainy Piedmont!