Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day....

Well.... we made it..!!

The Friday from hell....produced one shouting match (brawl)....2 traffic tickets.....campground bulging - even the over flow areas are full.... and about 100 beers poured out on the ground..

NC State Parks does not allow alcohol...
they still try and sneek it in....

All in was a good day...

Enjoy your weekend..!


  1. OUCH,many folk associate camping with drinking, too bad they don't understand the rules.
    Glad to hear that all in all it was a good day!!! LOL

    Love from over here where the park is also full!!!! And my girl is sitting around healing!!!

  2. Hopefully Saturday will be much more enjoyable now that the rules are understood and the campground full. Never thought about the bad side of working in a campground before. I'm back now from a morning visit with my daughter and newest grandson. She had a bad night of vomiting but is feeling some better today. I'd appreciate your prayers for her. Hope your Saturday is a super one!