Friday, May 11, 2012

What happens when you mix....

Park Rangers and quilters...
hammers, boards and leaves...
you get a "flower pounding" class...

We were a
it was great fun...

Live in the Moment


  1. I have done that pounding art with my grandchildren at the camper. We had a wonderful time collecting pieces of nature and pounding them into handkerchiefs one summer day. It was noisy for sure but loads of fun and the grand'babes' loved it. I didn't think to use a fern though. I like the effects of that very much! Hope your have a fantastic Friday!

  2. How pretty, I'll bet the noise was head throbbing. Enjoy your Mother's Day Weekend.

  3. That is gorgeous!!! I've never seen or heard of doing this! Such a great idea!

  4. Okay? I have never heard of this, but then I live under a rock, So I may have been pounded. LOL And this coming from a human person and not Miss Kitty!!!
    Sunny here but cool, bet it is COLD up there!

  5. Mothers day and the Hummers have arrived in Dexter MI....happy Mothers Day to all the Moms!

  6. flower pounding, I must try that with my native ferns.