Monday, May 28, 2012

This weekends.....

I guess the old saying....
"that a farmers work is never done"
is true..
This crew worked from 10am till 10 pm Friday..
took a break until 8am Saturday and then worked till almost midnight...

Live in the Moment


  1. I've noticed that our farmers are busy around here too. They've had some beautiful sunny but hot days to work in. Make hay while the sun shines they say! Hope your Memorial Day is a beautiful one!

  2. They also say: Make hay while the sunshines, but 'THEY' did not know about tractors and lights!
    Good pictures. handling those big round bales always amazes me.

  3. Plenty of haying going on around us here in Kansas too.. your's looks good!

  4. The first time I ever saw haying was in 1999 in Ireland. To this day, my husband and I point out "hay in the bag", "hay in the field" and "hay in the barn".

  5. Their herds never get a square meal, hehe. When the weather is good, they're working.