Monday, February 4, 2013


Why do i do this to myself...?

First thing i do every work day in the winter is read the Ashe County road and weather comments on FB.....
Then i worry about all those side roads out there that people are commenting about....the ones that people have already traveled over and must have made it somewhere to a computer....'cause they're commenting.....


Everyday is a Gift....


  1. Our roads are to get worse again today with more snow coming and even more tomorrow. I'm thankful I can just stay in. If I had to go out I'd be checking those road conditions too. Take good care!

  2. And what a beautiful gift you received, Gorgeous sunrise!! Enjoy your gift!

  3. I think N.C. and Tenn. have the most beautiful sunrises ! Thanks for sharing !

  4. Amazing, this world of electronics and up to the second news. But the picture is beautiful and hope you made it to work on time! To the tune of Get me to the church on time!!!(SMILE) & (((HUGS)))