Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yeah Phil...!

Mia doesn't care what the famous groundhog had to say this morning....

She telling me...

"It's cold out here.....let me in..!!"

14* on the front porch @ 7:30 this AM..
Glad we did the grocery shopping on the way home yesterday...

More snow tonight...
are the Pennsylvania people really sure about Phil...?

Everyday is a Gift


  1. I trust Mia. IF it is 14, it is COLD! Stay WArm. ((HUGS)) from Cermont, FL

  2. We have a GroundHOG here too and he saw his shadow...BOOHOOO! 6 more weeks and on top of that~~~~BIG snow storm tomorrow~~~BOO BOOO!
    Thanks for dropping by with the special wishes.

    Hugs and Snuggles to all!

    SophieDoodleSchnoodleHalfPoodle here!

  3. Good to you all here today at my blog! Gee, I just sounded like a southerner!!lol And I couldn't be much farther NORTH!!
    Yes, 6 more weeks of winter....that's OK with us as we prefer cool than hot/humid.

  4. We finally got some real snow; the ground is covered and it is probably 1-2 inches. Beautiful!

  5. It doesn't look like Spring is coming early here either. We have 3 inches of new snow so far today and it's still snowing. I'm glad I didn't have to go out any place today so have stayed in keeping warm. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  6. Hi, I would love an early spring! Our snow is totally melted and we have sunshine but it is still cold-which makes me stay inside because I have a sinus thing happening.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. It's sunny here in south Texas this morning and I should be cleanning the floor where my precious washer died this morning. But I will, I will. Happy day to ya!