Monday, April 29, 2013

Day four......

...more rain...
The immediate forecast is for rain all week
and then "maybe" a little snow flurries Friday night.
I thought we were all through with that!
Mother Nature is up to her ole' tricks....thank goodness i didn't plant the container garden yet...
Everyday is a Gift


  1. I fuss about all the rain, etc. too, but then when it gets 100+, I will be fussing about that Have a great Monday!

  2. I think Mother Nature is trying our patience. try to keep dry.

  3. AW RITE now, I come to the Boomer page for good news, and I get this? What is happening. Change channels and get a better forecast. I'll check back tomorrow! LOL

    have a great day. ((HUGS)

  4. No snow in May! Oh dear...hoping it warms up soon.

  5. Snow flurries?? Mercy, it is almost May. We also have a cool down coming but nothing like that. Can't call Spring boring.