Thursday, April 4, 2013


I created an e-mail account within the g-mail system yesterday for a new seasonal employee....
now blogger is showing that address as my main contact for my Blog.....

How did this happen?
I tried to fix it..
nothing seems to work...

Does anyone out there know how this happens and how to correct it...?

Maybe i'll just close this site and create a new one...
I'll keep you posted...

no picture of my confused and irritated face...

Everyday is a Gift (?)


  1. That is a weird situation. Hope you don't have to close this and start a new ones. Strange is the only way to describe it.

  2. Hopefully someone can help you out. I haven't a clue. Would hate to see you have to close out this site and start over. Keep us posted and good luck.

  3. I am definitely NO HELP with technological issues! I think you would be able to go to the Blogger page and reset your email address for your blog, though. I did it once - long ago - but cannot remember exactly what heading I followed.

  4. My computer keeps me confused most time. Bet you'll figure it out. Other then that have a nice day.

  5. IMMA going to sympathize with the glitches of the wonder net. I think I am about to climb out of mine. hahahahaha
    Hope you get it worked out. (not fun!)

  6. The contact address I get for your blog is:

    Is that the correct one or the one you added yesterday?