Tuesday, April 2, 2013


...we've got rabbits...!!

The rabbits here in the mountains are strange....
last year we didn't see many and we chalked it up to the beagles under Mom's porch....

This year the beagles are still there and we've got rabbits...
Everywhere.....little ones.....big ones....i swear some are as big as Max & Mia...big ears....floppy ears....whiskers twisting.....in the yard.....on the driveway....hopping across the road....looking in the door at work...

I guess it could be worst.....they could be roaches....!!

Everyday is a Gift


  1. Rabbits are cute. One of my sons has them nesting under his shed in their backyard and they tease the daylights out of their dogs. Not a good thing for sure. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Your blog today made me laugh. I volunteer at the local animal shelter and I work with rabbits. I socialize with them and I also brush their fur. Now granted these are not the "wild" rabbits and they are spayed/neutered as soon as they arrive at the shelter. But they are cute and there are days when we are overflowing with rabbits. you need a few coyotes around.

  3. Resting Easter Bunnies!!!!!


  4. Oh yes be thankful it's rabbits and not roaches.