Friday, April 19, 2013


What happened to my beautiful Spring weather...?

This looks more like hurricane season in Florida..!
All this cold and wet brought out the breathing problems...
With the asthma..the ears..and the muscle spasms in my back...
it's back to bed for me..

E-mailed the guys at the park that they'd have to hold the fort without me today...

Stay safe and warm..

Everyday is a Gift


  1. We have storms and much cooler temps today. It's so dark out I'm turning the lights on. Take care and hope you feel better soon!

  2. OUCH, sorry to hear about the pain and suffering. Take aspirins, 2 @ 10 and 10 @ 2. Call the Dr. in the morning.
    (Military prescription) LOL
    Hope you are soon weller, in health and weather. Love and HUGS from here.

  3. Hope you feel better real soon.