Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And Then....

it snowed..!!
and snowed..!!

Granted it's wasn't much compared to the rest of the nation..
it was enough to delay the start of school today and make a mess of the roads..
Me.....I'm sitting here waiting for the ice to melt off my drive so I can go back to the doctor for a recheck of my left ear.....the crickets in there are still singing loudly....still have some pressure driving up to the park and the vertigo (I think) is a little worst.....not a good thing to have while driving up mountains...

..Change...it's good for you..


  1. Be careful out there and sure hope your ear gets better soon.

  2. Waiting for the ice to melt off is a good idea. Take care!

  3. Yep, seeing your drive tells me it B real smart to wait for the ice to melt.
    Hope the ear problem eases soon.
    We are 48 in Wildwood this AM!

  4. Hopefully your ear problem will be resolved soon. It's difficult to drive these mountain roads even when you DON'T have vertigo.

    No snow here (yet) but it's very cold. Only in the 20's during the day.

  5. We only had some flurries here! Hope you are able to get that ear problem solved!