Monday, January 4, 2016


...he's got MY toy...!!!

I'm Back ..!!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year....
Christmas around the Twelve Acre Wood was very quite and green...
Not a snow flake in sight....!!
We all ate to much and played with our new toys...
I started the new year with a bulging left eardrum and vertigo...
Talk about my world spinning....whewwwwww...!!
Have to have the ear rechecked tomorrow and the vertigo is still swirling around....

My truck is in the shop getting a new bumper....
Hope to have it back soon....don't like driving "A CAR!"

The word or phrase for this year is.....

..Change, it's good for you ..


  1. Happy New Year! Sorry to hear about your ear - can't stand when I an dizzy. I think the word "change" is a good word for this year. By the way I missed your posts while you were taking a break.

  2. I like the phrase for the year. Love the picture and always your unique way of interpreting!
    Glad you guys had a good time, but not the ear problem. OUCH

  3. Happy New Year ! I think the phrase for the year is a good one :) Im sorry to read of your ailing ear no fun at all , my lil one and I have been fighting one virus after another since Thanksgiving . Wishing you well ...hugs Angela

  4. Changes never stop coming our way so your way of thinking that change is good for you is a great one ! Hope that your world stops spinning soon. Take good care !

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