Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Butt Lift.....

That was my first thought when we picked up my truck yesterday...
No longer is the left side of the bumper tucked under.
I loveeeeee my truck and I'm soooo glad to have it back.
Driving "the CAR" wasn't too bad....
I'm a truck girl...!!

..Change, it's good for you..


  1. Looks good as new. My daughter drives a truck and loves hers too! Glad you have yours back!

  2. I am not a truck girl, my husband has one and dont like getting up into it besides he carries his shedding hair dog in it and well....I don't like dog hair all over me. HA!!


  3. Oh yes, and the truck is so HANDY, and of course YOU look good in it! ;-)
    Glad she is back and has the Butt tuck fixed!