Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Watch it Grow....

I always wanted one of these...
You know the ones that appear on the WalMart shelves around Christmas time each year.
The ones that are a quick gift for all those impossible people to buy for...
Just plant the bulbs and watch them grow...!!
There they were next to the cash register with a 50% off sign....
it just jumped into my cart...!!
It's called a "Paper White" and I planted the bulbs about 10 days ago....
To bad I don't have small children anymore...sometimes I thought I could see it grow..
Max and Meg are not impressed...!
Oh Well.....I tried..!

The ears are find but there is still some fluid that's causing the dizzies...

..Change, it's good for you..


  1. You have proven it, Change is good for you. I love it when things just jump in my cart!
    Steady as she goes, you will soon be fit as a fiddle, as they say in the mountains. Oh that's right......

  2. Good to hear the ears are fine. Things jump in my cart, too.:-)

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  4. I can understand how things just jump in the cart.....funny!