Friday, January 15, 2016

Back to the Doc....

Gonna recheck these ears....
the pressure/pain has stopped,
the ringing and the vertigo is still with me...

Sounds like a swarm of bees in there and I'm alright standing or sitting....
just don't tilt me to the side....
I'll fall over and that's not a pretty sight...!!

..Change, it's good for you..


  1. Oh I can remember. My tinnitus is still with me in the ear without the implant. BUT I can feel your pain with the balance issue. Hope & Prayers for it to be better and it will. (Hint: A person on each side helps! :-o )

  2. I just got over an ear infection, the vertigo was horrid some days. I hope that is behind me and I hope you are all better soon:(

  3. That is not good, take care! Hope you are better soon!

  4. Take care. Hope they can fix whatever is going on in your ear. Vertigo is the "pits".