Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back to the Future.....

I'm soooo ashamed.......this is the dust i've allowed to collect on my Grandmothers old sewing machine..........
But.....cleaning the cabinet lead me to airing-out the quilt i inherited from her.......

I believe this is the last quilt Granny and her sister made........they quilted in the summer when we were all at the farm ............they quilted in the late afternoon......after the days work was finished!!
This is the first time i've really taken an up-close look at the quilt......and i was amazed to find...not only was it sewn and quilted by hand ........but, some of the pieces had been machine darned in several places............!?
Who did the darning?.....i know Granny and Aunt Bessie didn't........where did they get the materials.......it's madras plaid and paisley print......popular in the 1960's!!
I can't imagine either of these ladies wearing madras.........did they go to a flea market ?.......a thrift store?........the church goodwill basket?
They used an army blanket for batting and a flannel blanket as the back...........whoa....talk about heavy....!!
Did they have any idea as they stitched away....that sometime in the future, their granddaughter and niece would proudly display it in her greatroom!!??


  1. That reminds me...I need to clean before you come down. Thanks for adding more to my "to do list"!!!

  2. Boy, did that sewing machine bring back the good memories. I learned how to sew on one of those. My grand mother taught me one summer when we vacationed with them. I'll never forget the jumper I made and the material. I did see it later on in one of her quilts too as she used the left over fabric pieces in one of the quilts she made. She made so many that we all were blessed by at least one or two of them and many others were too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane today. 'On Ya'-ma

  3. I have a sewing machine just like that. Nice quilt...isn't it neat to wonder about older quilts.

  4. Your treadle machine is like mine. My son bought it at an antique shop and then didn't want it after all so I bought it from him. I hope to sew on it 'one of these days' but first I'd like to have it cleaned and oiled.

  5. My Mom has a sewing machine just like that. I love the quilt! I hate dusting!

  6. A little dust never hurt anyone. ;) I got dust that needs dusting too. That sewing machine is very nice by the way. I love the quilt, and the family history behind it. Its so nice to have things like that isnt it? Hugs, Kelly

  7. What a very pretty quilt! And the sewing machine is fabulous, evenw ith the dust - keeps it real.

  8. I just love that old sewing machine ~ my Mum had one just like that and she could run up a dress in a morning ~ and the quilt is beautiful ~ Ally x