Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another sign and steeple.....

This is one of my favorite steeples..
It's atop the little white church at the bottom of the mountain...
and i see it Monday thru Friday as i drive to work...
It also has the greatest marquee sayings....
Someone in the congregation has a nifty-neat-O sense of humor...
Today's word for the day is...
Got The Bread of Life?
If Not.......Your Toast!
This one is going in my church marquee hall of fame.....

It gonn'a be a beauty.......get out and



  1. Church steeples are just great, aren't they? I get a kick out of some of the church signs I read. I may have to start taking photos of them.

  2. We have an old church with a beautiful steeple up the street from us. Those clouds look beautiful! Have a good Wednesday.

  3. The steeple and clouds are just beautiful with the blue sky. I love churches with steeples. Helen

  4. I love the steeple and the sign. It is a beautiful day in Ohio!

  5. I love seeing white steeple churches...especially on lil country roads...thx for sharing