Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Pink Lady.....

This is Sarah...the Pink Lady Apple tree....

Sarah started life as a germinated seed the Mountain Park's seasonal ranger found in the apple she was eating.......i gently put her and her sisters in a plastic sandwich bag...brought them home and planted them in seed cups.....within weeks Sarah was sending up a little sprout.....but, sadly the other two did nothing....

Look!...there's Max protecting Sarah....!!

Sarah spent the winter of 2008 in the garage living in a 5 gallon plastic icing container that CityBoy brought home from the food store....

I thought she was dead when she shed all her leaves and went dormant for the winter....but....something kept me from throwing her in the trash and in the Spring of 2009...
little green leaves popped out of the skinny 6 inch stalk and once again she began to grow....

She spent the spring...summer....and fall under the porch...inside the fence.....protected by Max and Mia.....
Then i made the BIG decision to leave her out for the winter....cause .. after all she is a 36 inch tree now.....and needs to know the real world!!

Well.....again she became a stalk and i thought she was dead......this was the worst winter we've had in 20 year....the locals say....

Little Miss Sarah, the Pink Lady apple leafing out and is ready for a bigger bucket!!

A bigger bucket......yep!!
I'm not ready for her to venture out that far into the real world...
THE YARD...just yet....

She's my little baby....sweetheart....snuck'ums.....seedling.....!!



  1. aaaahh...I cant wait for her to mature, marry, and give you grand babies.....nom nom

  2. Lucky Sarah, to have found such a fine home with you and yours.

  3. There is something so wonderful about growing a plant from a tiny seed!

  4. Good entry and a success to brag about. Looks healthy and strong. Sarah will be at home when she gets to know all the other apple tree cousins in the mountains. The bees and butterflies will introduce them! LOL

    Jack & Sherry still in NC

  5. How wonderful you have your very own apple tree grown from seed. I never tried that for sure. I can wait to see if she blooms!

  6. Looks like she is on her way to becoming a gorgeous mature tree. There is a feeling of satisfaction knowing you helped nurture a living thing along -even if it is a plant.

  7. Nice to meet Sarah. I hope she is bountiful.

  8. and I love Pink Lady apples...Sarah will thrive with all the love and tlc she is getting...I know us girls we like to be cuddled and hugged alot!!! right??? hugs to you...Ora in KY

  9. May you live long and strong Pink Lady.

  10. I can hear that "proud mama" tone in your voice! LOL

  11. Awww, she's beautiful! I wouldn't be ready to send her out into the world (Yard) yet either.

  12. Awwww! As her surrogate mother, I am so proud I could cry! I remember the day clearly when I found her sprouting in my delicious Pink Lady apple! Take good care of her, I know you will be a wonderful Mommy! So glad we're working together again this year! Take care!