Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ho Hummmmm.......

It is a hooo-hummmmm Thursday.....not much going on.....

Days like today.....are the days that i usually ponder deep thoughts and questions...

Things like the nation wide crisis in our can anyone expect our kids to get a quality education with 50+ in a high school classroom?.......where are all those politicians that ran on an education platform.....?......Is there a bailout for our school system...?.....Why are we adding teachers and classroom personnel to the unemployment lines....?

If we allow this to happen to the schools.....the closing of the libraries makes sense......after all if the kids can't read.....why supply free books or research materials.... plus, this adds more to the unemployment lines......

Hey..!!....all you chowder heads up there in DC......!!

Are the schools any different than the car industry and the money grabbing banking flunkies....???

This is the future leaders of our country we're talking about here...!!

Hello.....Hello!!!! anyone listening.....!!

Will my one little vote matter in the next election..?...we'll see...!!

Beware.... all you do nothings.......Beware...I'm not alone...!!!
Just one of the things i'll ponder today...


  1. November elections will be critical and YES even our single vote counts.

    While I homeschool, I appreciate the public school system and know there are improvements needed. My mom is a retired teacher.

  2. With a view like that, I'd say,
    HO Hummmmmm just another day in paradise...ha

  3. That's a pretty photo for a Ho Humm day.

  4. Not wishing my life away or anything but I am so ready for the Nov elections. EVERYONE needs to get out and vote and make a difference! The change that was promised by some politicians is NOT the change that was needed.

  5. Beautiful sky. That makes for the best kind of ho hum day, because you can sit back and contemplate all of that beauty.

  6. I often think those kind of days are the best. Our town is doing some serious cut backs on our schools too. So sad, what are they thinking? I've got teachers in my family and I don't want to see any of the without a job...

  7. I totally I read an article how school lunches have become a national security risk because it is producing so many obese kids who can't go into the military to protect our country...NOT TO MENTION the violence. Three stories are standouts this week...a 15 year old boy who was doused with alcohol & set on fire by classmates; a girl who was kicked & beaten within an inch of her life-now has brain damage all over a test message she sent & of course the girl that hung herself because of the tremendous bullying from classmates from "the BAD GIRLS" of the school. It all has to end....someone has to have a solution.

  8. I have been pondering the same thing. I can't believe that anyone would be so idiotic to eliminate teachers. What in the world are they thinking?

  9. Amen from a licensed teacher hopelessly searching for a job.

  10. I agree 100% with the rant against those who can but won't. Who won't but can explain it in a NY minute. It is the other guy's fault. Our leaders love to blame the other guy, then act like that makes it better.
    Oh well, at least you have a gorgeous sky shot!

  11. I guess all we can do it pray, hope, and keep voting.

  12. too true! when will it ever stop?