Friday, April 30, 2010

Here it is........

......Bloggerville is filled with wonderful people working in their gardens....
CityBoy asked me last night when "we?" were going to plant "our" garden..
Now....the only thing i'm good at growing is Grandpa could plant a toothpick...water it...and it would sprout and bear fruit.....
Not me.....somewhere the "green thumb" gene was lost in my DNA...
My silk plants wilt from the dust....
Well....Anyway..... my reply to Cityboy was ....maybe Mother's Day weekend we could plant our container garden and maybe we should cut back to just two tomatoes and two peppers plants this year.....
After annual killing of the veggie plants, puts me in a slight depression for several days...
When i asked CityBoy "why?' we should do a container garden again this year.....
His reply to me was.....Isn't what people in the mountains do?
Sooooo....i guess we'll be "a planting" sometime in the next few weeks....
And maybe.....we'll do three tomatoes and peppers.......or maybe four......
How much do i want to be depressed.....??!!


  1. Hope things change and your garden grows. I don't even try green thumb at my house either.

  2. i'm taking a half day off work today to get out in my flowerbeds. the weeds are taking over:)

  3. That is too funny cause it sounds so much like me. I did plant a tomato plant last year and got a couple of tomatoes from it so I am ready to plant several this year. I also want to try a strawberry plant. We will see........ Oh, and let's not even get started on the thriving weeds at my house!

  4. I didn't do much gardening last year, and one of my gardens took it to heart. I still haven't tackled it, but am working on all of the others. No veggies here. I don't like them, so why plant them?

    I think you have to like to garden, and get your hands dirty, in order for it to succeed. But, hey, grocery stores have wonderful fruits, veggies, and even flowers these days, so if you don't want to garden, splurge.

  5. Good luck. John used to raise vegetables to sell and now he doesn't even plant one tomato plant.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly weeds grow ~
    We planted 4 tomato plants and some wild strawberry plants ~ have to wait and see if they grow :o) ~ good luck with your planting ~ Ally x

  7. Awwwwwww, Plant the garden and shut up! (LOL) That is what people in the mountains do!!!! hahahahahaha I love it.

    I hope everything bears fruit and you get some big tomatoes for Tomato sandwiches, THAT is what people in the mountains do!

    TAke care and have a goodtime planting y'alls garden!
    Hugs from down in the piedmont

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  9. i can grow a mean weed myself!!


  10. i can grow a mean weed myself!!