Saturday, April 10, 2010


...much going on today....

Male child and i are headed to the eye doctor for check-ups and then maybe some browsing thru the Farmer's Market and Wal*Mart.....

It's rough....but....someones gott'a do it!



  1. A good weekend for you up there. Love the view!!
    Sherry & jack

  2. The simple easy days are some of the best!

  3. My goodness...that is GOD'S country! I have another Blue Ridge friend who posts the most gorgeous photo's. It is enough to make one wonder why they don't live in a place such as that! What a place to raise a family!

    And...I want to thank you for deciding to follow my blog. I think I will tag along with you as well. I may not visit as often as I would like...but I will do my best. I get overwhelmed... :)
    You have a lovely blog! It will be fun getting to know you!!