Friday, April 16, 2010

My Flag Pole......

This is my Flag Pole....
My birthday is in September and CityBoy bought me this for my birthday the year of 9/11
I enjoy my flag pole..
It shows we are proud to be Americans..
We brought it with us in the big move from Florida..
It was not placed in the moving truck or in the storage unit..
It traveled in CityBoys truck and lived in the utility room at the summer house...
It's my Pole .....CityBoy is the flag keeper...
He always has the stars and stripes...
But....the second flag is his choice....

This is what's flying high and proud at this time....

I wonder what the neighbors think.....



  1. We need a flag pole too. If we had one the flag underneath the American flag would probably be a Nascar one.

  2. I LOVE your flag choices. I'm hoping to get a spot this summer where i can put up a flag pole

  3. Arrrrgh. I be a pirate and I can fathom why ye would have a fine flag such as this.

  4. Oh Lordy. He and Dave must be brothers separated at birth. That's Dave's idea of a flag as well -grin-.

  5. My second flag would be a TEXAS one but my grandsons would like your second (hubby's) one. We do have a flag but not nearly that big but I would like to have one that big.

  6. LOL...well I thought the "second" flag there a significance of keep trespassing...visit at your own peril LOLOL...???? wish I had a flag pole...but then I would want a mountain top like you have to place it...ho hum...will settle for my small one on the porch pole...heavy rain is a comin our way...and the sky is black...guess I best move out of here...happy day...hugs...Ora in KY

  7. the wind is really whipping over here, is your flag flapping?

  8. I would say they think, there are some free thinking AMERICANS. Love the flag and I always love to see it flying. It represents the greates country in the world.

  9. Beautiful. Underneath - I crack up!!!