Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I thought long and hard about writing this post.....cause i don't want to sound like an unamerican American.....
But....yesterday i felt like a hostage to big business....
And it gave me a very uneasy feeling about greed in this country...
Here's what happened.....
Several weeks ago, a friend gave some info on a mail-order drug company located in the country north of us.....cause she knew i was only taking 1/2 of my asthma meds daily....the cost is $159.87 a i try to make it last for two the picture....??
I place a call to this company for some information on the price of this med....
Ring......Ring.....Good Morning this M.... at C....M..., how can i help you...?
I would like some information on the asthma drug Serevent Diskus.....
Ok....what would you like to know?
What is the cost of a monthly prescription...?
Well....the name brand is $69.53 a month.....
What..!!!!....that's less than half of what i'm
paying now....!!
Or you could get the generic for $24.99....
What ....!!!!....there's a generic!!....i have been told for a least 15 years.......
i've been taking this for a least that long......that there was no generic available.....!!
Yes...there is a generic.....but it is not available in the USA......
Can i get this thru your company ...even though i live in North Carolina...?
Yes...all we need is a written Rx from a licensed could also get a 3 month supply for $74.82 with free shipping......
Needless to say.....i closed the deal and my meds are on the way....
My question is .....WHY????......and don't gave me the line about FDA approval.....Generic is the same as name brand...without all the fancy packageing.....right...???
I've been taking generic meds for a lifetime......!!
Why....?? Was i paying $134.98 more a month than our neighbors to the north.....???
Aren't we "suppose" to have the "best" health care in the world....???
Somebody ...please....explain this to me.......
My crystal ball seems to be keeps coming up with "Big Business Greed"
Thanks for letting me vent....and if i've offended anyone.....I'm Sorry...
But...i had to get it out of my system....!!


  1. Why would you offend anyone....GREED is the biggest problem we have in America and the little people are getting run over.

    I am glad you can now take the meds full strength.

  2. I don't blame you at all. With this economy we need all the help we can get! If I could get it cheaper I would also.

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  4. I think it is VERY American to ask why!! So you did good. I do hope you've spoken with your doctor about only taking your medication every other day.

  5. I agree we take mostly Generic drugs. I just wish I could take a few more but they put lactose in them and I am lactose intolerent (miss spelled). I feel that all drugs are way more than what they cost to make them too. Good for you.

  6. Glad you made this entry as there are a lot of folks that need to read it. I know some that are doing the same or going without because they cannot afford it. At this point I don't have to take anything at all but that could change and now I know where to look for it when I do. Thanks!

  7. Good ole American Capitalist greed, alright. That's why everything is outsourced to foreign countries and why we pay so much for health care/prescriptions. And insurance companies are to blame as well. They are making billions. The hub and I are retired and between us we pay a whopping $800 a month for health insurance. That's why we both have part-time jobs! Then the drug companies put out this scare tactic saying you can't trust the ingredients if you don't buy it in the US...yeah, that's why all those tainted bottles of Tylenol were quietly bought up so the American public wouldn't find out and the company stock plummet. I buy generic every chance I get. You got me riled all over again, LOL!


  8. Our doctor knows we want generic, if it exists, but now I know that maybe "they" (whoever THEY are) might not be letting us know there are generics....but just not available HERE. That is really lousy....and I'm glad you now will be able to get your meds at a cost that allows you to take them daily.

  9. You tell 'em girl. No offence taken.

  10. Yes, there is definitely greed, pushed by insurance and medicare. Since manytimes the patient never actually pays, the price is charged and no one complains, until it comes out of their pockets.
    I think it is time for some controls on the pharmicudical Companies.

    I agree about the FDA approval. If Canada accepts it, I can accept it.

    You need to vent at times, but on a brighter note, that picutre is great!