Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's View......

...from the front porch..
to the West the reds are starting to appear....

Got some nice yellows and oranges to the East.

To the north ..... trees are getting with the program....

And to the South.....lots of color mixed in with the evergreens....

Air is cool and crisp.... sun is shining.....people are smiling....

And "everyone" wants a camping site for PEAK weekend...!!

It's gonna be fun...!!



  1. Gorgeous pictures from your porch!!!
    We were up last year at peak or it was supposed to be but it was very cool and rainy and foggy.
    Maybe next year,
    Madi and Mom

  2. Ah, it is peak weekend here too. Thankfully I have my spot in the woods to enjoy it. Last camping weekend for me this year. Sad, but it's going to get cold so it's for the best. Hope your Tuesday is a Terrific one!

  3. Wow! Linda, the colours are fantastic! We are at about the same here in Nova Scotia. Like the idea of Peak Weekend!

  4. What a lovely view you have, and all you have to do is step outside.

  5. Oh how beautiful! It's still seasonably warm here. We are still running the A/C. Hoping for cooler temps to return very soon. Not much color around here. Lots of leaves are already falling though. Thanks for sharing your color with us!

  6. I do love the red and orange trees!

  7. The colours are beautiful ~ this is such a beautiful time of the year ~ Ally x

  8. You have the most beautiful views!! We have Indian summer here with high winds, hot temps, and fire danger. It will change by Thursday to fall weather they say. Hope so!

  9. Aw, camping in the fall. So crisp and cozy. Fun times I recall, around the fire.

    Our colors are about 6-8 weeks behind you. December color.