Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hanging On......

.....that's what these little guys are doing over on the east side of the Visitor Center.....
Those bugs had a wild cold ride yesterday....
57* and wind gust up to 45 mph.....
Ride'un cowbugs...!!!!



  1. It won't be long till the snow will be blowing.... brrrrr.. I'm seeing a lot of daisy's still hanging on as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Maybe there's a reason bugs don't live very long...snow is comin'! We have had the most gorgeous weather here in Oklahoma...well, that and earthquakes, LOL. The days are mild, the nights cool, no wind. I'm eating it up, like the bugs, for I know the cold winds will soon blow.


  3. I caught a glimpse of some geese flying south a few minutes ago. First ones I've seen this season. Cold weather will be here before we know it.

  4. Great shot Linda. Take as many as you can, then you can 'look back' and remember how nice this weather really is. Compared to what's coming!

  5. It was a brisk start to the day here but thankfully no wind or at least not much at all. I got the camper all winterized and we're good for the winter now. There are still some little wildflowers at the campground here too and bugs. But my son said they had a frost so it won't be long and they all be gone. Hope your Saturday was a great one!

  6. We had the wind down here too! I tried to lay out the awining to sew. hahahahahah!

    Take care! Neat entry!!! (Cowbugs!!!!)