Monday, October 18, 2010

Soaking up......

....the wonderful Fall sunshine....!!

What better way to rest up after our long ride this AM.

We went to meet the new Vet.....wooohooo.....young and cute...!!
Max had to get up on the squeezed and have his innards listened to.....then he got 2 just went for the ride......heh......heh.....heh....

There was this BIG DOG named Jack at the office......he scared me and Max...soooo we hid under the bench seat....!

But the staff, Vet and office was real nice and real close to the cabin...
sooooooo....i guess we'll be going back....
uck oh.......just heard Boomer say i was due for a check-up in April.....

Well...fiddle-da-de.....i'll worry about that tomorrow......
Go Scarlett......Go heroine in life....!!



  1. A new vet and one that's both nice and cute. You can't beat that with a stick.

  2. Those vet trips can be scary but glad you had some sun to enjoy there. So far today all we have is rain, but if that sun pops out I'll be soaking it up too! Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Dogs are smart and practical! All we have to do is mimic them! lol

  4. What a beautiful tree!!!

    Vets oh my cats we all have to do it don't we. Last time I was there I was insulted...and let me tell you I hold a grudge. I was told to I could lose a few pounds.
    We're working on it but you know when you only weigh 11 lbs you have to do it slowly.

  5. Glad your new vet is cute and young ~ and I loved the picture of Max and the picture of the tree is beautiful ~ Ally x

  6. Gorgeous tree!! And puppy is soo cute. Please tell him April is very far away.

  7. Love the pictures, show off!
    Your time is coming whether you worry today or tomorrow!

    Take care. Fom the cool Piedmont!

  8. What are the white boxes under the beautiful trees? They kind of look like bee boxes.