Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's that time of the year......

Yep.....the leaves are a changing up here in the high country.....
And that means it's time for the "Fall Festivals"

Mom and i went to our favorite one of the season yesterday.....were we surprised when 3 tour buses pulled in....!!! What happened to the nice little church run craft show...!!??
Well....apparently word is out about the home made goodies up here...!!

Wellll...anyway.....i had money in my pocket and was in a buying mood.....
Soooo i fought the crowds and brought home George and Martha to sit on one of the mantles this Christmas......always had a thing for moose.....or is it mooses....??

Then Otis jumped into my arms ..... along with assorted goodies from the bake sale and some home made "Wild Grape Jelly with no sugar"....whoooo about tart....!!
But.....soooooo gooooddddd...!!

Hard woods in back of the cabin are starting to next weekend we should be at "Peak"
and wouldn't you know's my weekend to work....!!
Only 7 weeks left...then i'm off for the winter...!



  1. You made some great purchases...I'm sure that jam is delicious. Toast with jam sounds sooo good, right now.

    Take care ~Natalie

  2. Love George, Martha and Otis! I know you guys will start seeing more and more of the tour buses and us low landers who want to enjoy your daily views of fall in the high country, Have a great day.

    Dat jelly sounds gooood to me!

  3. Fall festivals are wonderful and if one is particularly good, no wonder tour busses show up. You bought some cute things and the grape jelly sound delish!

  4. Isn't this time of the year beautiful ~ I loved the goodies you bought ~ I liked the names you have given them as well :O) ~ Ally x

  5. Love your finds. I love the fall festivals too. Hope you are having a great day.

  6. Moose would be correct for singular and plural. It's a moose or a herd of moose. (Sorry the teacher in me!!!)

  7. The Fall Festivals are popular here too. Just got back from one in the Annapolis many people and traffic. It seems that the city empties out and everybody heads out to the country.

  8. How fun. What great colors too. I love Fall.


  9. Our fall color is just about at peak now. After a weekend of sunshine everything seems to be glowing now. It was just a perfect weekend all around for us. I like your moose people. It's so cute you gave everyone names. Otis is a a handsome fellow too!

  10. Love your meeses to pieces.
    Think after the summer we have all had, we are really anxious for fall. Anytime now would be OK.