Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday.....

Tree Barn looks a little wet this morning....
Sever T-storms all night....

Nothing like trying to sleep with a hyper-super afraid dog and cat..!!
Max couldn't figure out what was wrong with the girls...

Maybe tonight things will be better...

Life is Good


  1. Guess those storms are now coming our way - things were just starting to dry out.....

  2. I do hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

  3. The storms just keep coming don't they. Glad there was no damage, except to the pets psyches.

  4. We had storms with hail last night about 3pm. Ruffy is losing his hearing and didn't hear a thing. A year or two ago, he would have been shaking so hard, I would have thought someone put a quarter in the bed!!! ;)

  5. We had high wind and thunder early this morning. We were so in hopes of a good rain.

  6. guess the storms took all their wrath out on you guys...we didn't get a whisper of wind...and today has been beautiful...hope the little fur babies do better tonight...bless their little hearts!!!! happy day from KY