Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rolling Along......

Why is it...!!??

You're just rolling along and everything in your little world is working fine...

then Goggle has to "verify your account...!!??"

This AM as i stumbled to Lappy to entertain bloggerville with my daily dribble..

I could NOT get into my account...cause....Goggle needed to verify that i am me....


It's too early in the morning for this garbage...

I haven't had my morning coffee yet.....the dogs are waiting at the door....CityBoy is still sleeping... and the need for a shower is immediate...

And i can't get into my account...!!

After a few choice words.....i closed down Lappy...completed the morning routine and drove to work....

Now...after more fussing and cussing....

I've finally verified......that i am me...

Life is Good and i am me...

At least for today..


  1. I'm glad after all these years on this planet, you found yourself. Google should know better!!!!

  2. The most recent time that Google tried to validate my existence, I forgot my password!
    Life, as we know it, is getting too complicated to tolerate....(*sigh*)

  3. Think it was system wide. I couldn't comment on accounts for it kept calling me anonymous and after signing in 10 times, I gave up.
    Hope it is fixed now.

  4. I'm so glad you are You! Happy Thursday!

  5. Hi there, Every now and then I get an email from Google asking me to verify who I am because I haven't used my account in a while-what I say I use it multiple times a day. I finally sent them an email telling them I thought it was nonsense-haven't been bothered sincde.
    Hang in there.

  6. I had a lot of trouble yesterday and last night. They get us all addicted and then do that to us. lol

  7. Hopefully blogger now has all the bugs worked out. Have a super Saturday!

  8. I have been having trouble too. I love the cartoon!

  9. Shucks I knew who you were, been reading and enjoying the posts, just tired working on the 'new to us' home. I have learned it is good to by printer cartridges and pump motors over the internet, but not too smart to buy a house. hahaha! Take care. Be back soon!

  10. However I do love the graphic and understand it without reading a word. Hahahahahahah

  11. Poor Google... wonder what went wrong. Very glad they are back. Sure did miss posting. At first I thought I had done something to "break" my computer. Have a good weekend!