Friday, May 6, 2011

Ramble'n Around......

Hello....little periwinkle....did a bug or the lawn mower get ya....??

This guy is bright and happy...

The Fringe Tree is starting to bloom...

And the wild Dogwoods are everywhere....!!

Even with this morning's frost.....i think.....Spring is here...!!

Life is Good


  1. The Dogwoods here at the campground are just beginning to bloom. It is Spring. All is beautiful here in my part of the world too. Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. Beautiful country! I have a brother in Asheville - I think Spring is a bit farther along there.

  3. Bet it smells good there with everything in bloom.

  4. It makes me happy just saying periwinkle!

  5. Reading about your surroundings gives my heart a very warm feeling...and like you say "life is good"...and we are all blessed...hugs from Lexington