Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Morning Monday......

I'm a little uncertain of how i'm feeling this Monday morning....

One the one hand...i'm relieved that the number one on "the Most Wanted List" is gone....but, i'm sure that someone within his group as already assumed power and could be planning retaliation as i write this...

Does his death make me feel, not really....

Does his death mean the price of gas and food will come down...?

Does his death mean the powers that be in DC will get together and do what's best for the people...or...continue to pursue their own interest....?

Does his death mean the nations education system will get the $$s it needs to give our kids the best....?

Does his death mean the downward spiral of our economy ... will take a swing upward....?

Does his death mean our boys and girls in uniform will come home...?

Like i said ...i'm glad he's gone......but i still have questions.....

Life is Good


  1. Things have been overwhelming here on the farm and no idea who "he" is...? What's happening in the outside world, pilgrim? -smile-

  2. It's raining here this morning but I've got my youngest grand son for the day so it will be a great one! Hope your Monday is a good day too.

  3. I've been thinking too there will be someone to take his place. Glad he is gone though and bless the service people who went in to do this dangerous job.

  4. If you see one mouse or cockroach, you know there are many others. So, I too, cheer the removal of the head of the snake.

    I salute those brave Navy Seals and celebrate none of ours were injured.

    Our country has many spinning plates in the air right now. It's a complicated thing.

  5. You voiced a lot of my concerns also.

  6. And further still, does his death - - - or any death - - - mean we should celebrate?

  7. Very thoughtful post Linda May. I guess by 'getting' one leader at a time will eventually weaken their resolve. At least that is my hope!

  8. I too have thought about the celebration of his death all day. I would much rather have caught him and others and known he was locked up for forever but from what I read he was given the chance to surrender. He chose his path. A lot of friends have posted scripture on the fact God is not happy the wicked are dead but to give them a chance and eternal life.
    I also have thought what theior retaliation will be to the US. You know he had a plan and we know God has a plan for the USA. .

  9. I agree with everything you have written...and what comes to my mind is an old saying "we may have opened a new can of worms"...May God Bless the USA....hugs from KY