Monday, May 23, 2011

I Forgot........

....the carrots..!!!
How do you forget 30 lbs of carrots...!!

Yep.....another bargain box appeared and
between CityBoy and myself we managed to can 14 quarts and 12 pints...
and that's not counting the several bags that went up the hill to the parental units..!!

Life is Good


  1. Another wonderful find to stock your cupboards for sure. Looks like you had a busy weekend! Hope your Monday is a great one. Rain is moving in here.

  2. Gosh, they look good. I really need to learn how to can.

  3. Just when I miss canning, I remember how much work it is. The reward is the flavor though. Noting like it in the winter.

  4. I have always thought carrots look prettier than they taste..but I eat them anyway...cause they are good for me LOL....or so I am told!!! they sure look pretty!!! hugs from KY

  5. Your certainly have been busy...and they look delicious!

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  6. Impressive! I had no idea you canned. Another feather in your cap!