Monday, May 16, 2011


I thought all the computers and their systems we suppose to crash ....way 2000!!!
Remember that scare...??

Thought i'd lost all contact with the outside world....
Thought i'd never write or read another blog....

What's a girl to do....??!!

She goes shoe shopping...
Saturday took the female parental unit over to the "big town of Boone"and found three pair of the cutest more excuses.....she's set for some trail runs to local churches...

Sunday took the malechild to the "big town of Boone"....back to the shoe store....needed "dress" shoes for graduation on Tuesday night.....

Yep! was a fast two years, he's finished with Wilkes Community College and is on his way to Appalachian State ....for another two..maybe three years...depends on the decision about a Master's degree..

The pictures are the blossoms on the "Fringe" trees growing around the park...
They have a light sweet smell..
I think i might need some for the front yard...

Life is Good


  1. You were in a shoe store twice over the weekend and no shoes for yourself? Wow what control. Kudos to malechild. Enjoy your week

  2. I was going to say the same thing that Muffy said! Great self control!
    I noticed that my daughter has a few of those trees around her house she just moved in to. It smells so good outside!

  3. Those fringe trees are beautiful. I've never even heard of them before. Congrats to the graduate! Yes, a few of mine had to go to 5 years to get their degree too. Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. Congrats on your son reaching a plateau. Aahh.
    I took advantage of Blogger disappearing to get tons of work around the house done. Kind of wish it would do this once a week so I could be more productive.
    Oops,need to be careful what I wish for.

  5. Yep I remember that year. Congrats to your male child and wishing him much luck for the future.

  6. Oh, I haven't seen fringe trees in a long time. I had forgotten about them!!

  7. Tell him to go for that Masters Degree while he is still in the school mode. I have waited too long and am struggling with the idea of going back to school again. UGGH!

  8. Congrats to the graduate. Ditto on getting that grad degree. That will never be a goal/bowl of regret. Did you get my email with pic? - Krista & the gang