Tuesday, October 11, 2011


...chance of rain today...!!
70% chance tomorrow....

Seems the Florida tropical depression the son and male parental unit have been enjoying for the last few days ...has moved to the high country....!!

Wish they had kept it to themselves...
Thanks Guys..!!

Life is Good


  1. Today is supposed to be the last of the lovely fall days we have been having. I guess the rain is moving our way tomorrow. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha, always looking to blame someone!! Get back to work!!!

    When I looked at the weather map a couple days and saw what they said had the potential of a hurricane, I about flipped, it was already here all it had to do was make up it's mind it was mad. No tracking it across the Atantic. I wondered how often that happened.
    Anyway I'm glad it is gone!!

    From down here and today some sunshine!
    Sherry & Jack

  3. These are my fave kinda of days in the mountains, I live in Hendersonville, NC, but I grew up in Madison County, NC and rainy foggy fall days makes me home sick !!

  4. We have had beautiful sunny days but I would trade you even for some of that rain.