Sunday, October 30, 2011

Confetti Crumb Cake

Here they little crumbs from the party on Tuesday...

Added some slightly yellow orange orange/yellow mix for the binding.....and since the crumbs reminded me of confetti floating thru the air.....i used an over-all loop-de-loop quilting stitch...

I'm naming it...."Confetti Crumb Cake".....and it fits perfectly on my little tiny hall wall..!

Life is Good


  1. I see your title but no post or picture there so I can always assume you are talking about those quilting crumbs you have been doing. Hope that snow has gone and left you with some sunshine today.

  2. Your crumbs turned out great!!! Just love it!

  3. There you are...I was just to quick to look this morning. I do like that confetti mix. The sun is out here today and when you look at the trees it does look like confetti. Fall is having a party here today and lots of dancing going on.

  4. i love those kinds of crumbs.....beautiful

  5. Amazing, a lot of work dealing with the crumbes.

    Beautiful combinations though.
    U done good!!!

    Cool down here all the way down to the mid 60's.

  6. It turned out really cute. Did you think it was really fun to do?

  7. That's the best crumb cake I've seen. Not only is it darling - it's calorie free!