Friday, October 14, 2011

Could It Be....

....the sun trying to peek thru....??

The storm and rains should be moving out of the high country today....
I was beginning to be feel a little damp and willdewy around the edges...

Gonn'a be a great weekend...
Come see the leaves before they blow away..

Life is Good


  1. Glad things are settling down for you.Hope you get goood color.
    I just hope the winds here blow the leaves out of my yard. That has worked every year so far.

  2. Well here is hoping the roads don't get too crowded. The flat landers will be making their yearly pilgrimage to see the beautiful sights, and they certainly are eye catching.

    Sending Love from the middle of a with beautiful weather today, time to wash this Rig.

    They sell a $10 permit here to wash. I don't complain about that.

  3. The sun is peeping at us in Ohio today too. Bot it is windy...those leaves are coming down for sure. Still colorful but it won't be long now... Hope your Friday is off to a great start. I'm late in going round today.

  4. I'm finally getting caught up with everyone. Glad you're still blogging.