Saturday, October 22, 2011


We evicted an unwanted camper yesterday at the park.
We don't know how he snuck inside.....he did not have a reservation....
But.....he was a happy camper between the rocks on the chimney....
It's dark up near the ceiling....there were bugs to eat ....
plus he had the fun of setting off the motion alarms during the night...
Which did not make for happy rangers....!!

There he is.....!!!
A Brown Bat...
This eviction involved nets and ladders...

(couldn't get the ladder close enough.....due to fireplace hearth)
Bennie the Bat was wedged between two rocks and it finally took a piece of cardboard duct taped to the net to prey the little fellow out the the crack and fall into the net....
It took precision and skill......3 rangers.....2 maintenance men.....2 very long roll of duct tape and an unused remove one 6 oz bat....

Here he is......outside at last...!!

Look at that face....
Don't think he's a happy camper...!!

Life is Good


  1. Ahwwwww he was just looking for a warm winter home!

  2. I think the bat is proud of its fight. Evicted? Hey it took a bunch of you to do it. LOL

    I have never heard of a Brown Bat, I thought they all were Black.

    Down here you have me wondering why bats are so scary to kids? That is a cute little feller.

    I am sure the motion detectors were the main aggrivation. He should have stayed still and eaten the bugs that came near.

    Excitement at as the work days wind down.
    Sending nice warm thoughts from FLA!

  3. Life is good for everyone but the bat. He caused quite a commotion and lots of man power, huh?

  4. We janitored our church for a long time and had a bat issue off and on. Hubby got pretty good at catching them but never that high up. They were usually down on the floor under something.

  5. Maybe you just lost his reservation! :)

  6. EWW Bats scare me, its like a rat with wings.

  7. Well now he'll have to find a different home for the winter. I imagine he thought he'd found the perfect one for sure.